At GeGShop it's all about your bike. Special products which give your bike a unique look and help you enjoy it to the fullest. You want your bike to be unique, and we help you pick out the special products that fit your need.

Who we are? We are an enthusiastic company, focussing on quality products and great service. Our brands and products are carefully picked to provide you with great bang-for-your-buck, timely shipping and great after-sales support. We sell what we promise and are clear about what we offer you.

We strive for fast shipment, but most of all we want to offer you parts that will give you a big smile. Be it the unique design of G&G exhausts, the superior quality of Ilmberger CarbonParts or the Italian design of CNC Racing, etc. 

GeGShop oprichter Michiel Pielkenrood  GeGShop was founded in 2010 by Michiel Pielkenrood, and is built on pure passion for motorcycles combined with a search for unique accessories.
We specialize not in the standard parts that any motorcycle dealer has, but unique parts with a added value. 


Our Core Brands

We are sole importer for seven brands and sell many more. Our exclusive brands are G&G exhausts, Ilmberger carbon parts, CNC Racing billet parts, Evotech Performance accessories, Edo Vigna Racing (EVR) technical improvement products and ServoBuddy servo eliminators.

G&G Bike

Or simply G&G. G&G has been around since the early 1990s, and has always been a customer-centred brand. The focus is on great Italian design and a unique sound. Buying a G&G exhaust or muffler set ensures that you buy a set that sets you apart from the masses. It isn't the biggest of brands, but that allows us to focus on your wishes. G&G focusses on great bang-for-your-buck: you get head-turning exhausts, at a reasonable price.
All G&G exhausts are hand-made by skilled craftsmen and are true beauty. The sleek design, proper placement (in line with the design of your bike) and the distinctive sound ensure that you will enjoy your G&G exhaust to the fullest.

Ilmberger CarbonParts - Ilmberger Carbon BMW R9T Racer

Ilmberger CarbonParts simply delivers the highest quality carbon, pure and beautiful. High quality at a reasonable price, especially considering the great fit and finish. 
Ilmberger carbon parts are produced in 100% pre-preg carbon, made to the highest standards. Buying Ilmberger CarbonParts is investing in your bike in an unsurpassable way. The parts are coated with a UV-resistant high-tech plastic coating, which surpasses all clearcoats in visual depth as well as technical aspects.
With regard to their protective effect it plays in a league of its own : Even after extensive testing under the toughest test conditions in the laboratory , the plastic coating shines in the original shine – she has been certified for its resistance to aging, weathering and UV resistance with the TÜV seal.

CNC Racing

CNC Racing is an Italian manufacturer of specialty products, based in the Italian town of Arezzo, Tuscany. They originate from producing products specially for Ducati, but have branched out and now produce parts for all mayor motorcycle brands.
Their products look good, and are tested to the max as well. Testing was done by World SuperBike rider Carlos Checa at Althea Racing, resulting in the 2011 World Championship for Checa, as well as by other riders of Althea Racing. Team Pedercini Racing's Kawasaki's have done well with CNC Racing parts, and the Pramac Racing riders greatly benefit from their products as well. 
Central to CNC Racing are products that fit your need: great quality, fit and finish, as well as providing a tecnical upgrade. What's a great-looking product without being an upgrade?
Most famous are CNC Racing's clutch slave cylinders, proven quality, unmatched by any rivals. Besides that, the CNC Racing clutch products form a great upgrade without high costs. The CNC Racing slipperclutch is a bit more expensive, but offers unprecedented performance, straight from Carlos Checa's feedback.

Real Italian design, great fit and finish, at a reasonable price. CNC Racing is the real deal!

Edo Vigna Racing (EVR) products

Edo Vigna Racing, what else? The EVR focus is purely on technical supremacy, and it's no surprise that most WSBK teams use their products. Edo used to be the mechanic of G&G founder G. Giacob's team, and his decades of experience still prove their worth.
Mr. Vigna is the inventor of the slipper clutch for motorcycles, the first to use this upgrade on Ducati's and later on in other brands of motorcycles. 
One aspect of Ducati was a thorn in his eye: the rapid wear of the stock 12-tooth clutch. Ducati's dry clutch is a great feature, but the rapid wear is less convenient in street use. Edo sought a fix, and introduced the 48-tooth clutch, which has a much longer product life. EVR 48-tooth clutch kits last up to 3 times as long as the stock kits.
Problems with clutch wear dust, overheating and clutch clanking were easily solved as well, via the use of a ventilated clutch pressure plate and a ventilated anti-clank pressure plate. 

Ducati's are great in terms of design, but sacrifice much airfilter box volume due to the slim frame design. Edo designed a bigger air filter box, which fits the stock frame and engine but allows it to breath significantly better and thus enabling you to get more power from your bike.
Edo Vigna Racing, where upgrading your bike is an art.

ServoBuddy servo eliminators

Get rid of the standaard nuisance: the FI-indication on your dashboard. A lot of modern motorcycles have a valve in the exhaust. According to the manufacturers this valve gets you more back-pressure, but the dyno results show that the valve mostly ensures that your bike passes EU regulations. 
When you replace your stock exhaust by a sports exhaust (such as G&G, Akrapovic, Bodis or Zard) you often only remove the valve, only a handful of Akrapovic exhausts have this valve, and most of the times only in the exhausts offered by the OEM manufacturer.
After removal of the stock exhaust, the servo which operates the exhaust valve is simply ballast. The ECU, however, still checks if the servo operates correctly, which it will conclude isn't the case, resulting in a FI (Fault Indicator) notification.
Skutr designed the servo eliminator, which returns a signal to your bike's ECU as if the stock system is still in place, preventing a fault warning.
Contrary to hobbyist solutions, the ServoBuddy isn't a simple resistor, but a true cpu, which communicates with your bike's system and adapts the signal it returns to the signal expected by your ECU. 

The FI-notification itself isn't a problem, but the result is. If you're used to the harmless FI-notification resulting from the servo motor being removed, you'll be off-guard once your bike gives a warning for a serious issue. Prevent unneccessary warnings by replacing the stock servo motor with a ServoBuddy servo eliminator.

The advantages of the ServoBuddy:
- No (false) fault indications
- Proper solution for removing the stock servo
- Clear some space on your bike, where you can mount a PowerCommander, QuickShift module, alarm or a host of other accessories
- Save up to or beyond 500 gram

MotoBatt accu's

Voor accu's hebben wij gekozen voor het relatief nieuwe MotoBatt, dat een hoger loodgehalte (= meer laadvermogen) combineert met niet twee, maar vier polen. Hierdoor is het aantal verschillende accu's kleiner en kan een accu dus eenvoudiger meegenomen worden naar een andere motor. Tevens zijn daardoor de productie/opslagkosten lager, wat zich direct vertaalt in een lagere verkoopprijs.

Door het hogere loodgehalte is de accu erg geschikt voor tweecilinders, de hogere startcapaciteit van deze accu's geeft extra zekerheid dat de motor goed start.

Alle MotoBatt accu's worden geladen geleverd en zijn dus direct gebruiksklaar.

SuperB Lithium batteries



If you need any assistance in the process of installation, always feel free to contact us. We have years of experience installing the products we sell, and are always ready to guide you through the steps. 



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