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Complete Wash and Detail discount pack

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Motor Detailing and Wash Pack - A complete package to deeply clean the paint of your motorcycle and keep your bike clean

  • Shampoo and cleaner for the first cleaning
  • Clay and luber to clean the paint down to the pores
  • Wax to protect your paint
  • Shampoo and detailer spray to clean and nourish your wax
  • Buckets and Grit Guards for efficient and safe cleaning

Washing, claying, sealing and waxing, with this package you have everything you need to clean your bike, protect the paint and pick up the color. For new engines to keep track of them, and for used engines to pick up, seal and wax the paint.

Maintain the paint of your motorcycle well. With this package, the paint can be kept in new condition for a long time, which helps in the value retention of your motorcycle.


AllClean+: strong citrus cleaner, for deep cleaning of the paint. Can be diluted well, depending on requirements. Quickly deals with chain grease.
Mr. Pink: mild shampoo and dirt trap. To be used in combination with AllClean+ for the first wash, and afterwards as a wax-friendly shampoo
Thick Mitt: wash mitt with deep fibers, which can absorb a lot of dirt
Blue Clay Kit: set of light clay and Clay Luber, for thorough but scratch-free clays
Collinite 845: Insulator Wax, the tool life of a paste wax with the convenience of a liquid wax. Gives 5-6 months of service life and a nice wet look
P40 Detailing Spray: to be used as a quick detailer, over the wax; as a maintenance agent, it nourishes the wax, seals it again and returns shine.
Disco Duo: wax applicator pad set, two microfiber applicators for easy and scratch-free wax application.
Monello Peluche Verde: 3 ultra soft cloths, for scratch-free work. One to clean after claying, one to polish the wax, and one topolish the detailing spray.
Detailingbuckets: two large 13L detailing buckets to be used in the two bucket method when cleaning your bike.
Grit Guards: two Grit Guards in easily distinguishable colours to be used in the two bucket method. The guards trap sinking dirt and sand at the bottom of the buckets, protecting your painting from scratches when re-using your mitt during a wash.

How do I use this motorcycle detailing pack?

This package contains everything to revive your paint, or to protect new paint for the future. Put wax on new paint immediately, so that the paint is protected against UV radiation and weather conditions, and keep the wax well to prevent polish scratches and discoloration.
Wax prevents dirt from sticking, which has two advantages: cleaning is easier, because the pollution is not adhered to the paint, and the paint stays deep clean longer.

When is this package for me?

If you immediately put the bike in the sealant and wax from new, you can skip the clay, this is necessary once every 2 to 3 years for an motorcycle without wax. After that time, the paint will have invisible contamination in the pores, which you do not remove with regular washing.

Why should I clay the paint of my bike?

With normal washing you do remove bigger debris from the top of the clear coat, but contamination remains in the pores of the paint. This results in the paint being less shiny and the color less beautiful, comparable to a blurry image in a dirty mirror. With detailing clay you remove the contamination from the paint, reviving the colour, shine and depth. The color comes out better and the shine of the paint deepens.

But I have wax for that! Right?

This mistake is often made, unfortunately. Wax only protects the surface as it is. 
If you surface is deeply contaminated you can put an expensive wax over it, but all you're doing is protecting grime and contamination from the elements, not what we want to do.
Deep-cleaning your paint ensures that you get optimal shine, and that your wax protects and enhances the looks of your paint, not that of the contaminants. 

How do I that?

Make sure that the paint has been cleared of sand and contamination beforehand. Take a piece of clay of a few cm2, that is enough to clean an entire motorcycle. Spray some clay luber on the clay and then run it over the paint with a straight line (in the length of the motorcycle) until you no longer feel resistance. Wipe off with a clean microfiber cloth.

What is detailing clay?

Detailing Clay is a very good way to deeply cleanse and bring back the color of your paint.
With normal washing you do remove contamination from the top of the clear coat, but contamination remains in the pores of the lacquer. This ensures that the paint is less shiny and the color less beautiful, comparable to a blurry image in a dirty mirror. With clays you remove the contamination from the paint so that it revives. The color comes out better and the shine of the wax deepens.

What is Clay Luber?

Clay Luber is a lubricant for clay, so that the clay does not stick. Detailing Clay is very sticky and needs Clay Luber to glide over the surface smoothly. This helps absorb dirt and ensures scratch-free clays. Can be diluted 50/50 for more economical use.


P40 Detailing Spray is a Carnauba-based spray that nourishes the wax and restores it. After cleaning with Mr. Pink you make the wax' surface smooth again with P40, this closes it, makes the wax smooth again and thus restores the shine. Apply it with a clean cloth and rub it lightly.

Collinite 845 Insulator Wax is a liquid wax with the long service life of a solid wax. It gives 5-6 months service life, in combination with the deep shine and wet look of Carnauba wax. This wax is easier to apply than a (solid) Paste Wax, but it does provide long-term protection.

Apply the wax with the wax pad, let it dry and buff off as soon as it is slightly dry.

The Two Bucket Method

If you use only one bucket when cleaning your bike, the suds will get dirty and sandy. When you wash the mitt in this water, it can absorb sand and scratch your paint. To prevent this from happening, we suggest you use the Two Bucket Method: one bucket for suds, one with water to clean your mitt. This method is optimized by using Grit Guards at the bottom of the buckets, which trap dirt and sand, keeping your water and suds clean and safe to use for cleaning your bike.


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Complete Wash and Detail discount pack

Complete Wash and Detail discount pack

Complete Wash and Detail discount pack

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