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Chemical Guys - HydroSpin Wheel Rim Ceramic Coating - 473ml

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Chemical Guys - HydroSpin Wheel Rim Ceramic Coating - 473ml


Because cleaning the rims on your motorcycle isn't a pleasant task, we all know that. Removing all the road dirt, grime, tar, brake dust and the worst of all: chain grease, that's not the best part of riding a motorcycle.

Of course there are some 'Grandma tips', but these are all designed for the short run: get it off now, make it shine, and protect it for two weeks-ish. 

HydroSpin makes your life easier by offering up to 12 months of protection and preventing road grime and brake dust from clinging to the rims. It won't (fully) prevent the rim from getting dirty, but it ensures that grime doesn't adhere to the surface, so you can easily remove it.

It's a matter of putting a little more effort in for once, and reap the fruits of your labor for the rest of the year.


Per bottle, maybe, but remember that you only need 2-3 sprays per rim to get a year of protection, nullifying the argument. This gives you 30 years or protection for this amount, not too bad is it? And if you take the prevented amount of frustration into account then it's even better!

Why buy HydroSpin Wheel Rim Ceramic Coating?

  • Extreme gloss
  • Repels water and dirt
  • Ceramic coating for your wheels
  • Up to 12 months protection
  • Add multiple coats for extra protection
  • Makes cleaning the wheel / rim easier


How to apply?

  1. Clean your rims with a rim cleaner such as Diablo Wheel Cleaner a rim brush such as Gerbil Wheel Brush
  2. On glossy rims we advise you to clay your rims before applying Hydrospin.
  3. Ideally degrease with IPA
  4. Spray 2 to 3 times on an applicator pad for one wheel
  5. Apply to the rim
  6. Allow to haze for 1 to 2 minutes
  7. Remove with a microfiber towel
  8. Allow the HydroSpin to dry for app. 2-3 hours to ensure it hardens properly (best done at 15C or higher)

Can I use this on my motorcycle's rims?

Of course, you can use HydroSpin on any type of rim as it's applied to the painted or anodized surface of the rim. These layers are harder than the paint on the rest of the bike, and HydroSpin is designed to add an extra hard layer on top of that.

Want to use an even harder coating? Use HydroCharge Ceramic Spray Coating

Hydrospin can be applied to aluminum, powder coated, painted chrome, alloy and steel wheels.

Can HydroSpin be used on carbon BST rims, or similar rims?

HydroSpin Ceramic Rim Coating can be applied to any type of rim paint, including those of carbon wheels. It can even be applied of anodized surfaces such as those of an OZ or Marchesini aftermarket wheel.
Just take note that HydroSpin is designed to enhance shine, so it will make satin and matt rims a little glossier. Don't like it? No problem, you can easily remove it with Clean Slate, bringing the surface back to its original satin or matt finish.

Use the soft Gerbil Wheel Brush to easily and gently clean your rims. Use either Diablo Wheel Cleaner or Non-Ferro to remove road grime, brake dust, etc.

Can I combine HydroSpin with other products?

HydroSpin can be used over any wax or wheel sealant such as Max Coat Wheel Guard.
Tip: use multiple layers of HydroSpin for extra gloss and protection.

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Chemical Guys - HydroSpin Wheel Rim Ceramic Coating - 473ml

Chemical Guys - HydroSpin Wheel Rim Ceramic Coating - 473ml

Chemical Guys - HydroSpin Wheel Rim Ceramic Coating - 473ml

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