Covid-19 update

Covid-19 update

Covid-19 update

Nobody will have missed the Covid-19 Corona Crisis. The crisis has had little effect on us so far, but the following:

- Orders from stock will still be shipped unchanged. A little delay can be expected in the shipping time, but most orders are shipped and delivered without change. 

- Products that are on order from CNC Racing, EVR, G&G and HP Corse are still shipped to us until 26-March-2020, but Italy goes into full lock-down from 26-March until 3-April. Keep 2-3 weeks extra delivery time in mind. 

Ermax has closed its doors for two weeks to combat the virus. They are closed from 16-March-2020 to 31-March-2020. Some small shipments go out, but overall we expect 2-3 weeks extra delivery time on all orders, our apologies.

- Products on order from EJK, Evotech Performance, Ilmberger CarbonParts and ServoBuddy are currently still on their regular delivery time.

We do not see any delays on shipments within the Benelux, Germany and France yet. Other European countries and shipping worldwide differ per country. 

Shipping to the following countries has been delayed due to the corona virus outbreak: 

Argentina, Bahrein, Brunei, Brazil, Belize, Canada, Chili, Algeria, Estonia, Egypt, Equatorial Guinee, Guinee Bissau, Hong Kong, Honduras, India, Irak, Italy, Jordania, Japan, Kosovo, South Korea, Libanon, Latvija, Lietuva, Maroc, Panama, Paraguay, Saudi Arabia, Surinam, Tsjaad, Ukrain, United States of America.

There's no delivery of parcels in the following countries due to corona:
Djibouti, Koeweit, Libia, Moldavia, Mongolia, Peru, Somalia and Yemen.

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