Gyeon CanCoat Quartz Coating

Gyeon CanCoat Quartz Coating

Prepared for the winter

Winter is coming, and this is the time to get your bike ready. Whether it's your daily driver and you want it protected against salt and corrosion, or it's your summer show bike which needs to be prepped for storage, it's good to be prepared.

Protect your paint well, to prevent the necessity of paint correction afterwards. Make sure to use good quality products, as the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of a low price is forgotten.
Invest once, for a long-lasting result, instead of a cheap product that requires re-applying after a couple of weeks already.

The highest quality to be found is Gyeon's CanCoat, an easy-to-apply quartz coating that protects your paint against the elements. Besides protecting paint, it can also be used on plastic panels, rims, metal, carbonfiber parts and PPF/Vinyl, give it a durable protection.

Gyeon CanCoat paint protection

Why a Quartz Coating?

What's better than cleaning your motorcycle? There not being the need to clean it. Whether you're the type who will clean his bike on Sunday, enjoying every minute of it, or if you're the type who doesn't like cleaning at all, for both it's great to have a bike whether it's not necessary to do it.
A Quartz Coating is a durable protection layer on your paint, that is hydrophobic and repels dirt. You can still wash your paint, but it stays clean longer and better. Whether you like washing your bike or not, it's always easier.

It's good news for those who like washing: washing becomes easier, and you get results quicker.
It's even better news if you don't like washing: your paint stays cleaner longer, and the result is better. A one-time-effort for long-lasting result.

On top of that, the Quartz Coating is a hard shell on your paint, protecting it against scratches.

Beading due to Gyeon CanCoat

How do I apply Gyeon CanCoat?

Every great result starts with proper preparation. You don't build on a weak foundation, and you don't apply a quartz coating over dirty paint.
Start by deepl-cleaning the paint, read more about that in the description in our motorcycle Detailing Pack. We advise to polish your paint as well, for the best results and adhesion. We offer these hand polishing pads for that purpose.
After proper preparation, make sure to degrease the paint and make it anti-static with Gyeon Q²M Prep, which ensures the CanCoat can adhere to the surface properly.

Apply CanCoat panel by panel and buff off all residu immediately, buff to high gloss. Work with care and buff off every panel immediately with a clean microfiber towel, to ensure the best result and prevent streaks.

Make sure to let Q² CanCoat cure for at least 24 hours. Prevent contact with strong cleaners for the first week after application, for a longer lifetime. Work in a clean and well-ventilated workspace, and wear Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). Prevent direct sunlight and work on a cool paint only.

Order Gyeon Q² CanCoat here

Any questions? Feel free to ask!

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