Waxresten verwijderen

Waxresten verwijderen

Removing Wax Residue from plastic panels(trims)

This came in as a car-related question, but is the same for motorcycle parts.

This e-mail came in from a proud mobile home owner with some wax-residue problems (translation is ours):
"Good morning,

We've had our mobile home coated and prior to application of the coating we've had it cleaned, with cleaning residue on the unpainted part as an unwanted result.
Do you have a product that can remove this residue?
So not something that masks the marks, but which truly removes it.
The residue has been on there since ca. 1,5 years."

Central to this question is "which truly removes it". A lot of products only mask the problem, such as cockpit spray and simple dressings. They cover it up, but do not address the problem itself. These products work for a little while and sometimes look like they do a great job, but once they wash away you're left with the same stain. 

Chemical Guys Trim Clean Wax And Oil Remover is a product that truly removes the stains instead of just covering them. It deeply cleans the plastic and removes wax and oil residue.

When removing light stains or fresh wax it will often suffice to go over the surface once, on older residue or harder stains it might be necessary to go over it 2 or 3 times. The good news is that although it's a bit more work, it truly removes the problem, leaving you with a clean surface which you can protect against the elements again.

Protecting the cleaned plastic is best done with Chemical Guys New Look Trim Gel, which leaves a deep shines for a long time.

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