Detailing Clay

Detailing Clay

Claying your paintwork, why?

You know that feeling? You bought an expensive wax, but the result is not what you had hoped for. It does shine,but the deep shine is missing.This is because there is still deep contamination in your paintwork.Claying is an essential step in detailing your bike's paintwork because it offers deep cleaning beyond what normal washing can achieve.

What is detailing clay?

Claying is an essential step in vehicle detailing as it provides a deep cleaning that goes beyond what regular washing can achieve. Detailing clay, also known as clay bar, is specially designed to safely and effectively remove stubborn contaminants such as tar, tree sap, bug residue, and industrial fallout from the vehicle's surface.

These contaminants adhere to the paint and can cause a dull appearance and even damage the paint. By using clay, the paint is thoroughly cleaned and freed from these contaminants, restoring its smoothness and removing imperfections. This not only results in a deeper shine and vibrant colors but also ensures that wax and other protective products adhere better and perform their function more effectively, significantly enhancing the overall appearance and protection of the vehicle.

Washing the paintwork

When detailing motorbikes, using clay can significantly help achieve a clean and shiny finish. The first step in this process is to thoroughly wash the motorbike.

This involves using a mild shampoo (such as D-Con Ceramic Wash or Mother's Ultimate Hybrid Shampoo) and a microfibre wash mitt (such as the Monello Guanto Tricolore or the D-Con 5 Finger Mitt) to ensure that all dirt and grime are effectively removed from the surface. A clean surface is essential for the clay to work effectively in the next step.

Claying the paintwork

Claying is the step that makes the most difference to the appearance of your paintwork. Detailing clay is a very effective tool to remove embedded contaminants such as oxidation, tar, insects and industrial deposits from the paint surface.

Wet the clay with a good lubricant such as D-Con Clay Lube or your favourite shampoo. Gently gliding the clay bar over the surface will safely remove these contaminants, leaving the paint smooth and ready for the next steps of detailing.


After the surface is properly clayed and smooth, applying a high-quality wax helps protect the paint and give it a deep, glossy appearance. Choose a wax specifically designed for motorbikes to provide optimal protection against environmental elements and UV damage.Applying wax in thin, even layers and buffing it with a clean cloth improves the shine and durability of the protective layer.

To maintain the glossy finish and protective wax layer on your motorbike, regular washing with a ceramic shampoo is essential. Ceramic shampoos are formulated to be gentle on the wax while effectively removing dirt and grime. By using a ceramic shampoo during regular washings, you can extend the life of the wax and ensure that your motorbike continues to look like it just came from the showroom.




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