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FAQ over EJK Electronic Jet Kit - Dobeck Performance

What is the difference between With or Without Bypass for the EJK module for my Harley Davidson?

For Harley-Davidson motorcycles every O2 sensor equipped Harley has an option of two different EJK controllers based on user installation preference. The user can select to just use O2 bypass modules to plug into the factory O2 connections or they can choose an O2 plug-n-play controller where the unit plugs into the O2 connectors much like the injectors. Functionality for the controllers is the same! Users choose the bypass modules for easy installation as a result of less harness to route along the frame. Users choose the plug-in harness for a cleaner look where nothing is left unhooked and zip tied up out of the way. With Bypass:, No Bypass:

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What is the warranty period for EJK Electronic Jet Kit modules?

The EJK Electronic Jet Kit module comes with a 2-Year Warranty for manufacturing errors. This does not cover errors or damage due to incorrect use or incorrect installation. The controllers come with a two (2) year warranty from date of purchase against original defects in materials and workmanship. Should the controller fail to perform then the manufacturer will repair or replace the unit to the original retail purchaser at no charge except for shipping charges back to the manufacturer. Proof of purchase is required.

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Does installation and use of an EJK Electronic Jet Kit module void my vehicle warranty?

No, absolutely not. Manufacturers have tried to declare the warranty void based on installation of third-party products, but have been turned down. Installation of an EJK module will not void the warranty on your vehicle.

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I have adjusted the CO of my Yamaha MT-03 via the onboard diagnostics tool, do I need to change this if I install an EJK module?

Yes, you do. Just put your Yamaha MT03's CO back to 0 (zero), the EJK will fix this problem along with adjusting the rest of the fueling. This goes for your MT-03 as well as other Yamaha motorcycles.

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