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ServoBuddy servo eliminator Ducati Multistrada 950 2017+

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The ServoBuddy servo eliminator is the solution for everyone who has mounted a sport exhaust. After mounting a valve-less sport exhaust (also known as ExUP valve, SET-valve or exhaust servo) on the Ducati Multistrada 950 2017+ the servo motor and cables become obsolete. The (now obsolete) servo engine has become unnecessary weight and takes up space.

Why use a ServoBuddy servo eliminator?
The ServoBuddy reads your on board computer and returns a signal that is equal to that of a well-functioning servo engine. This results in the ECU assuming that everything functions appropriately.
This prevents errors in the engine mangement and prevents a flashing FI (Fuel Injection) light. The FI indicator, by some indicated as F1 indicator,indicates the particular type of malfunction by its frequency. A continuously flashing light is not only annoying, it is also dangerous: the driver becomes so accustomed to the notification that (s)he may not notice a real error notification. The ServoBuddy prevents this.

Additional advantages of the ServoBuddy
On many of the newer types the space behind the fairings is limited, which makes it harder to properly install the xenon ballast or a PowerCommander, Quickshifter module, Traction Control module or or one of the many other available accessoiries. This simple solution quickly and easily solves this problem, which is often 'solved' by taking out the tool kit. Additional to solving the FI-notification, installing a ServoBuddy results in additional space and a lower overall weight.

Mounting the ServoBuddy:
Mounting the ServoBuddy is fairly simple, as this module comes with plugs that fit the original wire harness. Park your bike on a smooth and firm suface, make sure to turn your ignition off. Disassemble the fairings in front of the original servo-engine and disassemble the servo itself. Plug the ServoBuddy into the wire harness and mount it using a tie-wrap. We advise you to mount a strip of foam inbetween the Servobuddy and the frame, in order to eliminate any vibrations.

How powerful is the ServoBuddy exactly:
The ServoBuddy has been made according to the same standards as the original modules in the bike. The module is 100% waterproof, shock resistant and can withstand big changes in temperature. The electrical components have been cast in epoxy, protecting them from moisture and vibrations, allowing the module to function well in all circumstances.

How much does a ServoBuddy weigh:
The ServoBuddy weighs in at a mere 20 grams. Mounting the ServoBuddy does not only come with practical benefits, but it also is (almost) 500 grams lighter.

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ServoBuddy servo eliminator Ducati Multistrada 950 2017+

ServoBuddy servo eliminator Ducati Multistrada 950 2017+

ServoBuddy servo eliminator Ducati Multistrada 950 2017+

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